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Our audit will identify the following:

Technical performance
We examine the technical aspects of your website to identify any issues which could be preventing your website from performing at it’s full potential.
Design critique
Website design can be very subjective. We won’t just tell you your website looks good or bad, we will approach your website design objectively to identify any design elements which could be hindering your website’s performance.
Competitor comparison
If you provide a list of competitor websites in the survey, we will compare your website to them and let you know how your website compares.
Goal Analysis
We will examine your website’s goals and see if there is room for improvement.
Mobile testing
Mobile phones and tablets are fast becoming the most popular platforms for browsing the web, therefore it is important your website works well across a wide variety of devices and screen sizes. We will test your website on several of the most common devices and screen sizes to see how your website performs.


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